Our trip to Rebstockbad

Am 28. Februar 2020 machte sich Klasse 7G1 mit ihren Lehrerinnen E. Kilian und S. Klingler auf den Weg ins Frankfurter Rebstockbad und verbachte dort trotz schlechten Wetters und überfüllter Züge einen tollen Ausflugstag. Hier ein im Englischunterricht entstandener Bericht von Lea Wendel und den Zwillingen Anna-Marie und Isabel Windemut:

„It was the first trip of our class 7G1. In the morning we met at the train station in Reinheim. A lot of people came by bus and others drove to the station with their parents . The teachers who drove with us were Mrs Kilian and Mrs Klingler. The train came at 7.49 and we arrived in Frankfurt at 8.30. At central station there were a lot of people and we had to wait a few minutes until the tram came. It was full of classes who wanted to go to the Rebstockbad, too. After 15 minutes, we arrived and when we got out of the tram, it started to rain heavily. But we had to walk a bit to the Rebstockbad. After a few minutes we arrived and first went into the changing rooms to put on our swimsuits and swimming trunks. Our first impression was great. The pool was very big, but warm. First we went outside. There was a big mushroom we could climb on, but it was very cold when we went out of the water. After that we went inside again. There were two slides, a dark and a white one. There were also four diving boards. At ten o'clock we had our breakfast. It was very yummy. After 30 minutes we went to the slides again. They were so great. At 11.45 we had to go out of the pool and back to the changing rooms. We were very wet but there were five hair-dryers to get dry soon. The children who were ready went outside and could eat something. At 12.40 we left the Rebstockbad and went by tram and train again from Frankfurt back to Reinheim. At 14.05 we finally arrived at the station in Reinheim. It was a very, very great trip.“